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For all enquiries, contact us on.


LandLine: +64 9 4100417


Frequently asked questions

Where can I get the Install Instructions Manual

Download it here

My wire grips wont tighten up all the way?

Double the line over as shown below.

Is a Seaview Executive Clotheslines worth the extra money?

Yes!!! Seaview Executive Clotheslines will work out much cheaper in the long run, as they last many times longer than your typical clothesline. And of course they will look much better on day one, as well as in 20 years time.

How long will they last?

These Clotheslines are made from the highest quality 316 Marine grade stainless steel. This steel is typically used in the harshest saltwater environments for boat fittings that are constantly exposed to saltwater. The steel is also electro-polished for a mirror finish and further corrosion resistance. These will last a lifetime with some basic maintenance and a polish once a year.


How do I clean my clothesline?

These can be washed and polished using the same products you would use to wash your car or stainless BBQ .

It is recommended that you clean and polish your clothesline once a year, to keep it sparkling clean.

If you are in a sea spray area, or highliy corrosive environment, we recommend you do this more frequently.


How long will it take to assemble my clothesline?

Approx 15 mins. Detailed Instructions are provided in the box.


How do I attach it to my house?

Clothesline requires 4 x 10mm diameter, masonry anchors or timber screws (not included) for fastening to wall, check with your local hardware store to see what option suits your house. It is recommended that you use a handyman or building professional to install this. It is important the unit is screwed to something secure, as a fully loaded wet washing line can be heavy.


How long will delivery take?

It should only take a few days to ship anywhere in NZ. We will give you an estimate of the delivery date when you place order.


Can clothesline be folded down when not in use?

Yes. Button on support strut allows clothesline to easily fold down flat against wall


How much does the boxed unit weigh?

Item# AA000001 - Approximately 6.7kgs


Clothesline is too wide can it be adjusted to be smaller?

Item# AA000001 - Yes, the width of our current model can be adjustment at 100mm intervals during the installation process. This is extremely easy to do.



Warranty / Guarantee

We guarantee this product (frame, nuts and bolts) to be manufactured from Grade 316 Stainless Steel. This grade of Stainless steel has superior corrosion resistance compared to Grade 304 and other cheaper stainless steels. This ensures the product will have an extremely long lifespan.


In addition to this we also offer a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on any manufacturing defects.


Warranty will be voided if assembly instructions are not followed, or if clothesline is misused or subjected to excessive loading. Avoid placing heavy loads on steel cross beam.



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